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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Becky Spicer

In 1999 Becky Spicer walked into my shop on Park Hill for the first time.  She said: "Hi, I am Becky Spicer and I have moved here from Dallas.  I make slipcovers."  Turns out her former name was Becky Pena, and she was already very popular in the Dallas area..

Becky learned to make slipcovers from her grandmother.  She said she used to hide under the sewing table and fall asleep.  This picture shows Becky pinning a very unusual arm style, flat on top with an "S" curve.  This chair is an open arm chair, but the slipcover will likely cover the entire chair, wood and all.

I offered Becky a job and she worked in the Park Hill shop for a year or so.  During that time she made friends with my daughter, Anne Kuykendall, who was also working there.  They are still close friends and have made trips to Florida together to visit Anne's brother, Bill Reese.

During the Slipcover Summit that was held here in Fort Worth, Becky taught a class on closings, which was very well received. She makes beautiful slipcovers.  Her website is at


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  1. (Becky here)
    Wow, Pat! Thank you very much for posting this. Moving to Fort Worth was the best thing I ever did, and I love the way the Universe weaves us in and out of each others lives. I will always be grateful for your warm welcome 10 years ago, and your ongoing friendship.